Our Programs

At WNLC, play is the foundation for the curriculum. Meaningful play is an integral part of young children’s lives, and that being able to play, both alone and with others, is a hallmark of children’s healthy development. We also understand that play enhances children’s physical, social/emotional and creative growth.

Play is also the primary means by which children explore the world and build an understanding about how the world works.

When children are engaged in drawing and painting, building and constructing, and hands-on creative play, their abilities to express themselves uniquely and creatively grows.

At WNLC the teacher sets up the environment to stimulate play that invites children to explore and try new things. The teacher will foster an environment that will encourage children to invest in their play while also individualizing their needs and interests.

For Toddlers & Preschoolers

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TOT SESSIONS (preschool Ages 2 - 5)

Tot sessions run Monday through Friday mornings from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. There are a maximum of 6 children in each session [1]. Morning classes are $50 per session. We offer flexibility, children can attend morning or afternoon sessions provided they sign up in advance.

During each session, your child will be given the chance to learn by self-discovery through the use of various hands on activities. Each session will incorporate play-based interaction with other children in a multi-age setting that fosters the development of their socialization skills. Children do not often get the chance to just play. The philosophy of the WNLC is for children to play and just be themselves.

Each day your child will benefit from a variety of activity centers that include craft projects, sensory table exploration, dramatic play, books and puzzles. There will be a new and interesting theme that changes monthly. We will enjoy songs, stories and activities that go along with that theme. We will also have a snack time together. At the end of class each day, the children will join together on the rug for meeting time to read stories and sing songs.

[1] Child care services being offered by the West Newbury Learning Center are not licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care or any other state agency; each child attending sessions at the West Newbury Learning Center may not attend more than 4 hours a day and no more than 6 days per month.



All WNLC classes are process based, meaning we focus on the art experience, rather than the outcome, though each student comes home with art work they feel very proud of. There is an emphasis on interesting and engaging materials and techniques, while working with mediums including, but not limited to, clay, paint, mixed media, and wood. I strive to create a nurturing and happy environment where children learn to express their individuality through the arts with confidence and joy. Classes are one and a half hour in length and work in 6 week sessions.

Girl Power Yoga

A 4 week series for young girls with a focus on self-esteem, building strong relationships, confidence and leadership. The class introduces girls to yoga and incorporates movement, music, storytelling, breathwork and postures.  Class will be themed each week with a fun and unique craft and story. A series of 4 week classes is offered each month, click on the BOOK button for availability and schedule.

For Older Children

early-Literacy Tutoring (k through 3rd grade)

Learning to read is an exciting and challenging task. I am here to help! As a teacher I know what the school expects and as a parent I know what you hope for. I am offering one-on-one Kindergarten through 3rd grade literacy tutoring. I will work with your child to grow their confidence, nurture his or her sense of wonder, and build a strong foundation in reading and writing. First and foremost I will consider the individual needs of your child, unlike conventional classrooms where every person is taught essentially the same way. We will work to understand why they may be struggling. Each individual struggles for different reasons. Do they demonstrate a characteristic of a reading or writing disability, require differentiated instruction and/or individualized attention, dislike reading and/or writing and as a result, need additional support with homework and study skills? I will tailor the program to the way the student learns best. At WNLC we believe in teaching learning skills … not just the subject matter. These valuable skills will make your child more successful in school but also in their daily lives.  I employ multiple educational resources including Fundations, Lively Letters, Harcourt Leveled Readers, Whole Language, and Guided Reading. Allow me to create an individualized instruction plan for your child. 


Do your child’s grades not reflect their ability or potential?  Have they been assessed and labeled with “executive function weakness?”  Are you as a parent struggling with your child and the demands of school?  If so, I can help. What is executive function? Simply put, it’s a set of skills to help you get things done.  Children who appear lazy, defiant or unmotivated often lack important self-management skills. The good news, EF skills are teachable.  Students can learn initiation, organization, time management, planning and attention to detail. Executive function coaching will help your child manage time, track work, manage distractions, build relationships with teachers, build self-advocacy skills and…lower anxiety in your child and you.  I can help your child by coaching them to organize, creating work routines, ‘to-do’ lists, goal setting, identifying triggers and action plans, prioritizing and strategies for dealing with distractions…and I can certainly sort out their backpack.

I spent 25 years in the corporate world managing complex financial transactions managing sometimes hundreds of people around the globe.  I know how to organize and keep the trains running on time. My own son was previously on an IEP and 504 with EF weakness, I know what you are dealing with as a parent.  I can help. Allow me to.

I offer competitive rates and am extremely flexible in terms of scheduling.   Click on the button to send me an email and we can collectively figure out how best to help your child.  


I have always liked math, probably because I was good at it.  With a degree in Civil Engineering from Tufts University and numerous years working in corporate finance, I know math.  At WNLC, I offer tutoring to kids to help them better understand the concepts of math and provide strategies to be more successful.  We have an awesome environment at the center to provide your child with the necessary skills to be proficient and more confident tackling math.  I am happy to help any kid from Kindergarten through 12th grade but my skills are best suited for children in 5th through 9th grade.  I offer competitive individual and group rates and am extremely flexible in terms of scheduling.   Click on the button to send me an email and we can collectively figure out how best to help your child.