Our Testimonials

“The center is a nurturing space for young children to explore their creativity, begin to assert themselves as individuals, and make new friends.”"

“As a mother of two teenage children, Hartford, who has a master’s degree in child development and 20 years of elementary school teaching experience, said she understands children have a biological imperative to learn about themselves and the world around them through play and exploration. She is passionate about individualized, play-based learning — something she said is missing from a lot of classrooms these days.”

Article from the Newburyport News March 20th, 2019

Miss Tracy and Adison

Miss Tracy and Adison

“Your guidance, ability to keep your class engaged, and approach to learning and teaching, has been a tremendous asset to Adison and our family. We have watched Adison continue to grow and get excited about what she is learning each day under your instruction. As her parents, it has been awesome to witness and participate in this past school year.”

Allison Moore, Parent, June 2018

“My two girls had the pleasure of learning from Ms. Hartford. She helped my daughters feel comfortable in the classroom and also helped ease my concern of leaving them. She connected with each of my girls as an individual and respected their differences. I know her to be helpful to parents and families as well as able to communicate promptly with parents. I loved picking up my preschooler and hearing about a silly or sweet conversations she was involved in that day. She had a strength in fostering child growth, making every student feel welcome and comfortable so they can shine.”

Michelle McKean, Parent, June 2018

Photo from the Newburyport News featured article.

Photo from the Newburyport News featured article.

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“Tracy is aware of her strengths and skills and has a genuine way of sharing those wherever they are needed. Tracy looks at the children as individuals, sees their strengths, and guides their growth through scaffolding. She has an innate understanding of how to bring out the best in the children.”

Ellen Ulfelder, Director, Pathways for Learning, 2014


“My two-year-old son has enjoyed his Tot morning sessions. He acts proud of the crafts he brings home and talks about things that Miss Tracy plays with him. (“Painting, trucks, trains, dinos...”) And he asks to go back. WNLC is such a great opportunity for him to have appropriate screen-free play and for me to have a little time away! Thanks!”

Laura Collins, Parent, 2019